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We recognize these are unprecedented times

We recognize these are unprecedented times, so from all of us at Next Step Systems, we hope you and your family continue to stay well and safe. Through the best of times and through difficult times, Next Step Systems has remained in business to help companies throughout the country with information technology recruiting needs.

As of May 2020, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the tech sector’s unemployment rate has been stable and in fact, falling at 2.5%, while the unemployment rate of all other sectors climbed to 13.5%. Information technology professionals continue to be in high-demand. Additionally, with the recent announcement about suspending the visa program, this could have an impact on tech sector employment. This could block hundreds of thousands of experienced and entry-level tech workers from working in the U.S. and ultimately, limiting the pool of qualified IT candidates immensely.

With all that has transpired, we understand if bringing on new hires has not been your top priority. However, as businesses reopen and are ready to ramp up their hiring efforts again, our knowledgeable IT recruiters have the resources to help you locate highly qualified technologists quickly in what continues to be a tremendously competitive market.

If you have any questions about partnering with Next Step Systems for your IT recruiting needs, please contact us at jobs@nextstepsystems.com or by phone at (630) 428-0600.