Leadership opportunities available with a new, innovative tech incubator in Silicon Valley
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Leadership opportunities available with a new, innovative tech incubator in Silicon Valley

Hiring the CEO, Human Resources Directors and Product Managers in Silicon Valley


For the CEO opportunity, blockchain experience is required along with experience leading a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

Email resumes to jobs@nextstepsystems.com to get in on the ground floor of this exciting and innovative new tech incubator!


We are seeking a CEO (Chief Executive Officer) for a great opportunity in Silicon Valley, CA. Blockchain experience is required for this opening. Candidates must have extensive technology experience or have worked for a well-known corporate/consultant tech company. This position is 100% onsite and NOT open for Remote.

– Develop long-term strategic planning, operational policies, and incentive mechanisms for the company, optimizing internal governance.
– Attract top global technology talents and future tech-savvy entrepreneurs to join the company and the Future Tech Family Association.
– Coordinate internal and external resources to drive the industrialization of technology projects funded by the company.

– Blockchain experience is required.
– Candidates must have extensive technology experience or have worked for a well-known corporate/consultant tech company.
– Experience running a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is required.
– Candidates who hold a degree in a STEM field is a plus.
– Effectively establish relationships with technology founders and tech investors.
– Familiarity with the concept of the company and the ability to establish an ecosystem within an incubator.
– Prior experience in technology incubators, high-tech company investments, global consulting firms, and large-scale global technology investment institutions are preferred. At least executive-level experience, with a top-level product manager possessing cross-domain product thinking and operational capabilities, as well as cross-sector investment experience.
– Familiarity with company governance, operational models, and incentive mechanisms is preferred.
– Excellent oral and written English skills, proficiency in Mandarin Chinese is a plus. Strong entrepreneurial spirit, exceptional communication and coordination skills, and leadership qualities.

Human Resources Director:

– Develop a future 10-year human resources mechanism suitable for the enterprise based on the company’s development strategy, planning, and vision, and build a highly efficient global HR team.
– Responsible for recruiting future tech family office entrepreneurs and platform advisors according to company platform requirements.
– Manage daily HR operations of the company, including but not limited to talent acquisition, HR operations, compensation and benefits, talent analysis, etc.
– Shape, maintain, and promote the company’s vision, and strengthen team and member cohesion.
– Responsible for the company’s talent incentive plan and assist in formulating the overall incentive planning mechanism for the company.

– Hold a degree in Human Resources or related fields, with familiarity in blockchain and fintech industries preferred.
– Have 8+ years of Human Resources Management and practice experience, preferably from startups, high-tech, and well-known tech companies.
– Familiarity with regional employment regulations, excellent communication, and coordination skills to integrate work teams from around the world.
– Excellent spoken and written English skills, with a growth mindset and self-starter mentality.

Product Manager:

– Looking for cross-domain product managers, with the focus in the first three years on digitization, artificial intelligence, longevity medicine, space technology, robotic automation, and new energy.
– Responsible for product research and planning, developing product proposals and prototypes, and completing interaction designs based on project plans and market needs.
– Communicate and coordinate with colleagues in product development and design, clarify product requirements, and drive the development and progress of the product.
– Conduct research and analysis on the industry, target customers, and competitive environment, and conduct product strategy research.
– Monitor the operational status of the product after launch, continuously improve and iterate the product based on data analysis, user feedback, and the latest industry trends.
– Priority given to individuals with deep thinking about the future of world technology.

– Minimum of 3 years of experience as an internet or Web3 product manager.
– In-depth understanding and practical experience in internet products, especially in UX design.
– In-depth understanding of the Web3 industry, ability to conduct market research, and excellent requirements analysis and data analysis skills.
– Excellent logical thinking and innovation ability, able to conduct detailed and in-depth analysis of application scenarios.
– Excellent communication skills and resource coordination skills, results-oriented thinking, willing and able to learn quickly.
– Entrepreneurial passion, strong sense of responsibility, keen interest, and enthusiasm for blockchain, and fluent English communication skills.
– Priority given to individuals with experience in well-known Web3 products.